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The emergent Hispanic-American missionary force is the result of the work of the Holy Spirit through many missionary men and women whose actions have remained in obscurity. Actions, which in the judgment of some, have not always reflected the true spirit of the mission of God, but it is not up to us to judge them.

For that reason, we as the Hispanic-American church should:
-Accept that with such light as they had at that time they brought to us and shared with us the Gospel.
-Present the Kingdom of God with profound gratitude and humility as the only reality capable of bringing hope to these nations which brought the Gospel to our countries of origin; giving to its citizens and the citizens of the world the opportunity to have a point of reference which permits them to responsibly use their liberty for the common good.

Why and for what purpose?

Because it is a biblical mandate, so that when we are subjected to the scrutiny of future generations we may be found to have done what we should have done to change the reality of our darkened world.

Rev. Marenrri Duboy

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