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Computer Courses



Computer Classes

The mastery of computer science is indispensable to be able to keep a job or carry out certain activities in the globalized world in which we live; or even to carry out some daily tasks; not the least in importance is to help our children with their homework; to pay bills; to communicate with family far away, etc. all of which require computer skills.

Taking this into account, and taking as an example the life of our Lord Jesus Christ that models for us an integral ministry in every area of human need; we believe that it is our duty as Christians to help the community where He has placed us in order to be light and salt, meeting the different needs that present themselves. It is for that reason that we have taken on the task of providing free to Hispanic families of the Fox Valley this instruction, training and preparation.

We began these classes with two donated computers and with the help of the Lord we already can rely on a classroom equipped with around 15 computers, tables, chairs and other accessories necessary to connect to the web and the internet.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all of the churches that have been involved in this project and all the brothers who in one way or another have either contributed economically or spiritually to make this possible.

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